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Interview with our Brewer


Daniel Drayne is Half Door's co-owner and head brewer. We took a moment to sit down with him and talk about beer.

What got you into brewing?

I started back in high school, a friend of mine had a carboy and we tried a simple cider recipe. It was more to try it then anything serious, the results weren't great but it was a fun experience. A few years after that I started brewing beer in a more serious fashion.

What was the first beer you brewed?

Living in San Diego my first extract and first all gain were both IPAs. I actually still have a couple bottles but I assume they are way past their prime.

Desert island beer?

Toss up between an IPA or an amazing Gueuze.

Best up and coming brewery/breweries?

Too many to count but just had some beers at Toolbox brewery and he knows how to use hops well. His stout with coconut and his flight of tart X with fruit were both delicious, all around solid beer.

What is your education/background in brewing?

I've been home brewing for around seven years now, I attended Siebel which is a brewing school based out of Chicago. Through the school I also spent time in Germany learning the craft. For the last four years I've worked at a production brewery where I have done everything from labeling bottles, cleaning kegs/tanks to recipe formulation and brewing.

What beers are you most excited for at Half Door?

I'm most excited to try different sour/brett beers. I am also looking forward to starting and maintaining a small sour program and to consistently produce a brett with a funky/fruit flavor.

We are too! Thank you Dan.


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