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The Untold Story of Irish Brewing

havin-a-pint Ireland has a long tradition of small scale brewing – it's a heritage we're proud of and inspired by. We think about that tradition each day as we build Half Door Brewing Co here in San Diego, the adopted city of our family after moving from Ireland 20 years ago.

But this tradition had a hiccup during the past century – a pretty big one at that! A single brewery dominated the entire brewing industry in Ireland for much of the last half century. With incredible vigor and effectiveness, this early macro-brewery-which-will-remain-unnamed stamped out the competition, both big and small, creating a homogenous landscape of beer in Dublin and all across our homeland for far too long.*

Can you guess who we're talking about?

While we love a pint of the black stuff from the macro-brewery-which-will-remain-unnamed just as much as anybody, we're happy to say small-scale traditional Irish brewing is making a comeback. It's slowly bubbling back up in Dublin and other corners of Ireland, and it's coming to San Diego at Half Door Brewing Co! Even the New York Times got a taste.

Our vision for the experience at Half Door Brewing Company is directly influence by the kind of diverse and localized brewing that our Irish forefathers once practiced in small brewpubs in every town and village from Cork to Belfast. We are building HDBC as a beacon of traditional small batch brewing and the kind of warm & inviting Irish hospitality that permeates the land of our ancestry.

Make sure to check the blog in the coming months for build-out updates as we turn a charming early 1900s house in San Diego's East Village into a pub and brewery!

* For more depth, check out Ronald Pattison's exhaustive history of Irish Breweries

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