Half Door Brewing Co.

Where the West Coast mashes in with the Emerald Isle


Half Door Brewing Co is a "pub" in the traditional Irish countryside sense of the word – a place where beer is made and served fresh. At one time in the recent past, every hamlet on the Emerald Isle had its own pub, its own brewer, and its own unique brew. HDBC was built to celebrate this tradition, with the next generation of our family at the helm, right here in the Capital of Craft– San Diego, California.

Beer List

Back at it west coast IPA

7.2% Heavy citrus, orange, grapefruit and slight stone fruit with a light finish

#Buzzwords Super Dank Pale Ale 

8.7% Double IPA with a hazy full on assault of extreme dank resinous hop nectar from the gods. #simcoe #citra #galazy #amarillo #chinook #mosaic

north east ipa

6.8% North East Style IPA with juicy pineapple, peach, tropical fruit hops

Dad Bod brown

5.6% Irish stout on nitro, smooth creamy body, slight nut, roasty and coffee taste 

Colemans Stout

5.6% Irish Dry Stout on Nitro with a smooth, creamy body and roasted coffee taste


11% Bourbon on the nose, wood, plus, dark fruit, with hints of caramel and molasses

Half door pale ale

4.8% Pale Ale with a light body and bright citrus aroma

Roark Red Ale

5.4% Irish Red with bready, toasty, and biscuity notes with a slight coffee taste and with a citrus hop finish

bean bar mocha COLLABORATION 

5.4% Golden Ale on Nitro, with chocolate and coffee added for a creamy, smooth and slightly sweet flavor, made with our friends at Bean Bar Coffee Shop


5.8% light and crisp Belgian style blonde with refreshing lemon, clove, and wheat flavors

resilience butte county proud ipa 

6.5% Organized by the Sierra Nevada over 1,400 breweries are donating 100% of sales to charities supporting the camp fire, uses cascade and chinook hops

Belgian Tripel 

       10% Belgian Pilsner that is surprisingly drinkable,  with slight spice and dark fruit flavors

Flour Power

5.5% Oat flower West Coast pale made with 35% oat flower. Hopped with city, chinook and southern cross.

Never Seen The Light OF Day 

7% Black IPA that looks like a porter but tastes hoppy, with notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and orange

Young Danny Boy ESB

          5.4% "Extra Special Bitter" English style beer with a strong malt presence but very light for drinking 

Boats and goats doppelbock

  7% Brewed with our friends at 3 punks ales brewing- light toast, bread, biscuit, caramel land light tofee


  5.4% Brewed with Benchmark Brewing- dark lager that drinks very smoothly, flavors of biscuit, nut and slight coffee with a smooth finish


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